Membership of LCTS means being part of a community of over 220 group and individual members.

LCTS is an independent, volunteer-focused, local transport charity addressing social issues by connecting with local organisations to provide safe, affordable, accessible and inclusive transport services for disadvantaged older, disabled and young people, along with their friends and families.

Generations travel together on accessible LCTS minibuses

LCTS has been at the heart of community transport across the varied cultural spectrum of Lewisham and our neighbouring boroughs since 1999 delivering the vital transport infrastructure for the Voluntary & Community Sector; providing a life-line for so many in the community and keeping us connected with community support groups, older people’s residential groups, care homes and service providing agencies.

Getting ready for a trip to Herne Bay

In 2019 LCTS delivered for the community

  • 6000 individual passenger journeys
  • 900 vehcile bookings
  • 300 wheelchair users
  • 33,500 miles travelled together by LCTS members
  • annual increases of 12.5%, 5.5%, 17% & 11% respectively
  • LCTS community of members grew by 15%

2020 was a different story