Donations will help LCTS continue remove transport as a barrier and help many many people take advantage of the benefits of group travel into the future.

We thank you for your continued support over the years.

LCTS is delighted to have been making travel more manageable for so many people for so long.

As part of our on-going fundraising efforts the LCTS Management Committee invites all current members to offer your support by donating your 2020 membership fees.

We recognise that you may not have been able to use our services during the pandemic – however, LCTS need the support of our community of members to demonstrate to future funders the level of support for this organisation and the need for our vital transport services.

Donations will enable us to continue to support isolated and vulnerable people with their shopping needs.

By donating your membership fees for 2020 you will be providing crucial support for our funding applications.

By donating your membership fees you will be showing how much this organisation means to its members and how valued our services are.

This is an important way to show funders LCTS are needed in the community we have supported for 22 years.